Create a digital bridge between you and your clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a sudden economic pivot from physical to digital and firms face a challenge that hasn’t existed before – to find the right tools to connect digitally with colleagues, clients and prospects. The good news is that from our experience gained over the last 20 years of bringing firms and clients together, we can help solve this challenge with the best and most natural way to bridge the digital divide – through an App.

Hosted by MyFirmsApp, the podcast features James Byrne, CEO and Co-Founder, Accountancy Manager, Sarah Douglas, who has been running her own accounting firm for 20 years and Jennifer Brazer, CEO and Founder of Complete Controller – a US Based cloud company.

What will you learn?

  • How technology and analytics hold the key for accountants to emerge stronger from the current crisis
  • Which digital tools improve efficiency, strengthen client relationships and operations?
  • How to create a digital experience that works for you and your clients
  • What does that digital bridge look like?
  • Is it hard or easy to get started and what might my next step be?
  • An American and UK accountant’s perspective on the benefits they achieve from deploying digital communication tools


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