Are you looking to deepen your relationship with clients and share
meaningful, insightful content
that is often a struggle to produce in-house? 

Presenting your firm as forward looking and technologically advanced


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Over the last six months firms around the world, just like yours, have enjoyed...
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Digital engagements with their clients that we've created for them
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Increase of clients engaging with content through their App

“Technology is expected to develop at a far faster pace than ever forecast, bringing forward years of work of tech progress and if done well, will create huge cost savings just at a time when firms need it while improving customers’ digital experiences.”

Wouldn’t it be great if all this was
simply done for you?
  1. Do you find that creating content for your clients is too time-consuming and puts a strain on stretched resources?
  2. Do clients contact you with questions, for you to say “we emailed you about this weeks ago”?
  3. Email has its place but it can be hard to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Wouldn’t it be great for your clients to have that content in the palms of their hands when they need it most with the most important content, updates and insights proactively signposted for them?
  4. Wouldn’t it be even better if all this was done for you – each day, each week, without fail?

That’s what we do. Well, it’s a part of it and you’ll be in good company as we are already providing a steady stream of high quality business support content to 2900 firms globally that are using our technology to connect them with those that matter, 24/7.

You can be part of the 3,000,000 digital engagements clients have had with their firms these last 6 months.

How do you
stay at the forefront
of your clients’ minds?

In a recent survey, 76% of firms said that positioning their practice as forward thinking and technologically advanced was one of their biggest objectives.

Those same firms also wanted to make themselves more accessible to clients and have their brand stay front of mind - even more so in this remote working world.


We build the most effective digital bridge between your firm, your colleagues, your clients and prospects

We’ve spent years working with the profession pioneering, researching and developing the most effective digital bridge for accounting firms.

Now, almost within a heartbeat, our lives have changed in ways we could never have envisaged. COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect and we have had to navigate a new pathway to bring about some degree of normality. Not being able to be in the same room with other people has created a gap that technology has been able to bridge and in the last 6 months alone, we have seen proof of this shift with the creation of an additional >3 million points of digital engagement between our customers and their clients.

Digital tools bring us closer together and help us to connect with our families and friends. In the business environment they do this with our colleagues, clients and prospects.

There is a need to connect digitally that didn’t exist before and the use of digital tools developed exclusively for accounting firms is helping to shrink the divide.

Over 2900 accounting firms globally, already use our solutions to:

  • Position their firm as forward thinking and technologically advanced
  • Make their firm more accessible to clients
  • Help improve client communications
  • It helps their brand stay front of mind with clients
  • To attract quality new clients and referrals
  • Make their accounting tools more accessible to clients
  • Deliver cost and time savings
  • Help improve efficiency by automating manual tasks
  • Help their firm move towards business advisory services
  • Give flexibility to choose what tools their firm gives to clients

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

“We are now very firmly in the ‘age of connection’. MyFirmsApp are now enhancing that at an amazing level, which is why so many of the firms I serve are using these. You’re giving clients access to their information and other things they might need to do a better job and, importantly, to stay more connected to you – great for developing client loyalty.

It’s a brilliant way of using technology to connect. The feedback is always ‘I love it.’ People are inspired. Just do it – you will be so thrilled that you did.”

Paul Dunn

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

"We subscribed to MyFirmsApp after being impressed at Accountex 2015. The implementation was smooth and the functionality has raised our profile with clients, providing them with useful tools to enhance decision making and controls"

Stephen Farra
Stephen Farra Associates
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…about creating the most effective digital bridge with your colleagues, clients and prospects – where it’s all done for you.

It’s easy, fast and it will position your brand as technologically advanced, at the forefront of your clients minds, deliver meaningful, insightful content and make you accessible to them – wherever they may be…

How Does All This Work?

Man checking finance news in the mobile app, with a newspaper under his arm.
is everything

COVID-19 is putting everyone under extreme pressure and we want to support the profession with valuable resources that position your firm so it stays front of mind. This topical content is available as downloadable webinars, podcasts and editable e-books to brand as your own and share with clients. Plus, this can be shared via your own App to cement your firm’s positioning as forward thinking and tech-savvy. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for the free e-book, I have made use of it and sent it out to all my clients.”

John Best FMAAT, Director
Best Accountancy Services (PLY) Ltd

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