COVID-19 Editable E-book
Curated content to use in-house and share with clients

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No doubt your clients are turning to you for the most up to date advice and information available. Providing high level statutory, financial and tax information to the profession lies at the heart of our business and we keep the 2900 Apps we have developed for accounting firms continually updated on a daily basis.

This curated content is available as an editable template that can carry the firm’s own branding to easily share with clients, saving the practice both time and money.

The e-book contains:

  • Government briefings
  • Detailed Business updates
  • Important Employee information
  • Self-Employed Support
  • Government resources
  • Useful links, carefully selected and covering a wide range of questions and needs
  • Wellbeing hints and tips

Please feel free to download the COVID 19 e-book by filling out the form below and apply your firm’s branding to it before sharing.